AC1064 GreatWall H3/H5 LOGO Choose

AC1064 LOGO Choose

1. In Main Menu, touch the “Aux in” to go into Aux in Menu. Please turn the volume to 2 (you could turn the volume by volume knob), Please see the picture: This is “Aux in” menu.

2. then long press the Disc Eject button in 3 seconds, you will go to Logo Menu. The button in red circle is Disc Eject button

3. In Logo menu, please find and choose the logo you want. (For example if you want Suzuki Logo: The Suzuki logo is in the second page. You could slide the screen to find it. In this menu, please touch KIA logo first, then touch Suzuki Logo.)

Now go back to main menu, turn off the car dvd. Then Turn it on again, you will have Suzuki Logo now

This is Logo menu.